Cabinet Design Styles

Cabinet Design Styles

What are the different types of cabinet styles?

As you start to look for inspiration for your cabinet project, you’ll likely discover a wide variety of descriptions applied to designs that catch your eye. Although it may seem like there are a thousand different styles, every design – from Rustic Farmhouse to Mid-Century Modern – features elements found within these three categories, Contemporary, Traditional and Transitional.

Not sure exactly which style reflects your tastes? Learn more about different cabinet design styles to determine your design preferences and discover which cabinet style is right for you. No matter what you choose, we have a look to reflect your unique tastes.

StarMark Contemporary Kitchen - Tabor Cabinet Door Style in Cherry with Cappuccino Finish


Walking a fine line between utilitarian and modern cabinetry, a contemporary cabinet design style is all about open spaces and clean lines. Sparingly decorated with large-scale, bold embellishments and usually dominated by more natural tones, contemporary cabinets rely on sleek, smooth and polished surfaces to create a modern level of elegance. When going for a contemporary design style during your kitchen remodel, think streamlined, cultured and bold.

Contemporary kitchen traits include:

  • Natural materials – Aluminum, glass, stone
  • Few accessories – Think “sleek and bold”
  • Geometric elements – Sharp, straight lines, crisp circles, contrasting colors

Traditional Kitchen by StarMark Cabinetry - Hanover Cabinet Door Style in Oak and Rustic Alder Wood with Driftwood and Peppercorn


Traditional kitchens are best summed up as rich and decorative – using a variety of colors, accents, and a blend of materials to breathe new life into century-old styling. In today’s hurry-up world, this design style brings refinement and elegance through symmetry and balance.

Traditional kitchen traits include:

  • Decorative accents with intricate details
  • Multiple patterns and textures
  • Complementary rich-toned finishes
  • Blend of curved, irregular and straight lines

Transitional Kitchen from StarMark Cabinetry - Featuring Roseville Cabinet Door Style in Cherry and Maple with Hazelnut and Marshmallow Cream Finishes


Transitional is a blend of both contemporary and traditional design styles. Transitional kitchens focus more more about the personalization of the space and finding harmony between all of the individual elements. This cabinet design style allows for a mixture of ideas and shows an appreciation for freedom, nonconformity and self-expression.

Transitional kitchen traits include:

  • Bold accents that create personal design statements
  • Eclectic accessories like modern art displayed next to antiques
  • Architectural elements such as stacked moulding or curved corbels