Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our cabinet experts are always willing to help, which is why we’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions.

+ General Questions
How do I choose a cabinet brand/manufacturer?

When you choose a cabinet line, you are dictating the options your designer may use when piecing your kitchen together, so look at:

• Number of door styles offered
• Number of colors offered
• Total number of cabinets available
• Modifications that are available

Better custom and semi-custom lines offer more upgrades and modifications for a more uniform, appealing design and appearance in the finished product. For example, StarMark Cabinetry scales their doors to fit cabinets that have been modified. For cabinet lines without this feature, pre-sized doors are matched as closely as possible to modified cabinets. Less flexibility in this case can result in as much as three inches surrounding the undersized door, causing the modified cabinet to stick out like a sore thumb.​

Is there a warranty?

The manufacturer should stand behind its products with a warranty.

Should I work with a professional kitchen designer?

Investing in a kitchen involves decisions. You weigh your priorities, then decide on something that will meet your wants, fit your budget and stand the test of time. Kitchen designers transform your concept into a beautiful reality. Remember to ask potential kitchen designers for references and see if their designs and installations have the quality and service you expect.

+ Cabinet Box Construction
How are the shelves made?

Better quality cabinetry offers adjustable shelving as a standard feature. It’s worthwhile to ask about this, since some lines offer only fixed shelves. Adjustability gives you more flexible storage options, especially where shelves and roll-out trays are concerned.

How is the wood joined together?

Cabinets need to endure hard knocks. Make sure the box includes strong joinery using rabbets and dados. If a joint is only glue and staples, pass up that cabinet.

Is the cabinet complete?

Don’t assume that the answer is “yes”. Some cabinet boxes are made without a back or enclosed bottom or even a melamine interior. Extra features, such as a fully enclosed space under the bottom drawer in base cabinets, help to protect cabinet interiors and their contents from dust, bugs and rodents.

What does the interior of the cabinet look like?

A light colored interior reflects the most light, so it’s easier to view the contents. A light-colored melamine applied over plywood does the trick, and is easy to clean. If your kitchen cabinet designs call for open or glass-door cabinets, make sure the line you choose offers a stained wood veneer interior to match the outer finish.

What is an “exposed” end panel (side panels) and what should it look like?

Sometimes when a cabinet is installed next to a dishwasher or stove, a little bit of the cabinet’s end panel will show. Exposed end panels should be covered with stained wood veneer or melamine that closely matches the exterior finish.

What materials are best for cabinets is used?

• The more real wood used in the construction of a cabinet box, the better.
• Quality plywood holds up the best over time.
• Plywood is good for larger surface areas such as sides, tops, bottoms, backs and toe boards.
• The face frame should be constructed of premium-quality, solid wood for extra rigidity.
» Learn more about what the differences are between common cabinet materials.

+ Cabinet Care and Cleaning
How should I clean my cabinetry?

Cabinet cleaning information is found here.

Do changing temperatures really change how cabinet doors and drawers fit and function?

Yes. Wood will shrink and swell with the seasons, making them appear “crooked” and in some cases, making them tough to open and close. However, it’s not a defect. You just need to adjust your doors and drawers. It’s easy to do.

+ Cabinet Doors
What are the doors made of?

If a manufacturer offers doors with veneered panels, make sure the manufacturer is very capable at finishing. Veneered panels may not accept stain the same as solid wood. This could result in doors that don’t match the rest of the cabinetry components.

How are the doors finished?

The sheen and feel of a finish is not an accurate guide to its durability. Instead, ask about the finishing process. The best finishing process…
• Carefully prepares high-grade wood through hand sanding and staining.
• Includes sealing with an oven-cured, catalyzed conversion varnish.
• The resulting finish is impervious to liquids and stains from everyday use, along with being easy to clean.

Learn More About StarMark Finishes and Techniques

How can I get a door sample or color sample?

A StarMark Cabinetry dealer will be happy to order a door sample or color chip sample for you.
Find a StarMark Cabinetry dealer.

Email us and we’ll help you locate a dealer.

+ Cabinet Drawers
What makes a good quality cabinet drawer box?

• The drawer is visible when opened, so it should be made of real wood for the best appearance.
• The best drawers have dovetail joints on all four corners of the box. They are attractive as well as being interlocked, and therefore stronger than pinned or doweled joints.
• Silverware is heavy! Since drawers hold heavy loads, the box should include a captive plywood bottom.
• A drawer box that is surfaced with melamine will be easier to clean.
• The drawer box should have four sides. This seems obvious, but some manufacturers cut corners by building a three sided drawer. The drawer header acts as the fourth side, which compromises the strength of the drawer box.

What should you look for in drawer glides?

• Drawers should roll easily on the glides and stop automatically so they don’t fall out.
• Full-extension glides let you roll out the drawer completely to get at all the stuff at the back of the drawer.
• Better drawer glides include a self-closing feature. Give the drawer a nudge, and it quietly closes itself.
• Look for undermount glides. When glides are mounted underneath, drawer box can be wider. Also, undermount glides don’t catch dirt the way side mount glides do.

+ Ordering Cabinets
Do you sell direct?

No. It is important to have accurate measurements and quality installation, which is why we don’t sell direct to homeowners. A StarMark Cabinetry dealer will be happy to arrange measurements and installation for you.

How do I add new cabinets to an existing kitchen?

• If the current cabinets are from StarMark Cabinetry, find a StarMark Cabinetry dealer near you. The dealer will need the information found on a label on the back of every drawer. See instructions below.
• If the current cabinets are not from StarMark Cabinetry, a StarMark Cabinetry dealer may still be able to help. If they take on projects of that scope, they can determine if we offer a door style and cabinet color that will work for the project.

How do I find the color and wood type of existing StarMark Cabinetry?

1. Remove a drawer.
2. The order number is on a label on the back of the drawer. The label will be one of two types, depending on the age of the cabinet. An example of both labels is shown below. In these examples, the order number is 111111.
3. Let us know the order number and we can look up the door style, wood type and color. If the order is from the year 2000 or later, we should be able to locate your original order information.
4. Email us and we’ll identify the color and wood type.

How do I get an estimate or design for StarMark Cabinetry?

A StarMark Cabinetry dealer will be happy to help you. Each dealer will have their own timelines for preparing estimates and designs. Each dealer will have their own policy regarding any fees for supplying estimates or design work. Locate a StarMark Cabinetry dealer.

Email us and we’ll help you locate a dealer.

How do I order StarMark Cabinetry?

A StarMark Cabinetry dealer will be happy to help you:
• Order StarMark Cabinetry
• Order a sample door or a color sample
• Get an estimate or design
• Add new cabinets to an existing kitchen

Use our dealer locator to locate a StarMark Cabinetry dealer, or email us and we’ll help you locate a dealer.

Please note, we do not sell direct to homeowners, as the expertise of a kitchen & bath retailer is almost always necessary for successful home improvement projects that include custom cabinets such as StarMark Cabinetry.

How do I replace a door, drawer, hinge or glide?

To replace a door or drawer
• Please contact the StarMark Cabinetry dealer from whom you purchased the cabinets.
• If the dealer is no longer in business, please call us at 800-594-9444 and we’ll help you locate a dealer near you.
• You can also use our Where to Buy to find a dealer near you or Email us and we’ll help you locate a dealer.

To replace a hinge or glide
• Please contact the StarMark Cabinetry dealer from whom you purchased the cabinets.
• If the dealer is no longer in business, please send the hinge or glide you would like replaced to:
StarMark Cabinetry
Attention Customer Service
600 E 48th Street N
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Click here for a printable shipping label.

How long will it take to get cabinets?

Historically, our production schedule is four weeks for most cabinets and six weeks for certain colors, certain cabinets, and inset cabinetry. Recently, the home improvement industry has been experiencing extraordinary demand and supply chain disruption. This will affect delivery schedule. Your dealer can confirm delivery times and look up order status for you.