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SPECIALTY COLORS are cabinetry finishes that take your room to a whole new level. Artistic effects are added to popular colors to add character and in some cases, a vintage feel.
Specialty color for Maple cabinetry
Amaretto is a Black finish with rounded corners, worn edges and light chain distressing. Additional worn areas on center panels and door frames expose golden butterscotch tones.
Amaretto is available on Maple door styles.
Amaretto can receive Old World Distressing, illustrated on page 27.
A specialty color for Maple
The Villa finish results in a look
that suggests brush strokes
along the face of the doors and drawers, and any other finished part of the cabinetry. The color and brush stroke technique will vary from door to door and will blend throughout the cabinetry. Villa is available on Maple door styles.
Villa Black
Villa Breeze Ebony
Villa Capri Ebony
Villa Green
Villa Marshmallow
Villa Marshmallow Nickel
Villa Pearl
    This icon
indicates that
the color can receive Old World Distressing illustrated on page 27.
Fairhaven door style in Maple finished in Villa Ivory.
     Lafontaine door style in Maple finished in Amaretto.
DeWitt door style in Maple finished in Villa Mushroom.

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