Kitchen cabinetry defines the look of a room and can influence the feel of an entire home. Set the tone with StarMark's inset cabinetry when you want quality craftsmanship, classic beauty and smooth, clean lines.

Customize your inset cabinetry by selecting:

  • beaded or flush face frames
  • concealed or finial hinges.

Inset cabinetry is ideal for traditional, transitional and contemporary design styles. Here are suggested style examples:

Inset cabinetry features door and drawer headers that are fitted inside the face frame.

  • Precision construction is essential for inset cabinetry. Doors and drawers must fit squarely in their designated space often adding to the cost and delivery time.
  • StarMark Cabinetry has overcome these obstacles and offers affordable inset cabinetry with an industry-leading delivery time.
  • The beauty of inset cabinetry can be within your budget!

Detailed construction information is available here.

This photo illustrates the difference between overlay cabinets and inset cabinets.  

Click here for more information about inset cabinetry construction.

Overlay cabinetry (shown on the left) has doors that "lay over" the top of the cabinet's face frame.

Inset cabinetry (shown at right) has doors that are precisely "set into" the cabinet's face frame.