Tinted Varnish with Glaze

Glaze adds depth to Tinted Varnish.

The profiles on a door and drawer, and other details on cabinetry, such as corbels, rosettes or shells, are stunning when glazed.

  • We apply the glaze by hand and then wipe it off by hand.
  • When our craftsman wipes off the glaze, he or she can best use the glaze to define the details in that particular kitchen.
  • We don’t take shortcuts with your kitchen. We take pride in glazing every part of your cabinetry by hand—doors, drawers, moulding and panels.
  • StarMark Cabinetry has five glaze colors:
    • Bronze
    • Chocolate
    • Ebony
    • Latté
    • Nickel
The same color (Marshmallow Cream is shown here) on the same wood type (Maple is used) will look different after each glaze color is applied.
Marshmallow Cream
on Maple
Marshmallow Cream with Bronze glaze Marshmallow Cream with Chocolate glaze​

Marshmallow Cream with Latté glaze Marshmallow Cream with Nickel glaze