Tinted Varnish

The best way to describe Tinted Varnish is to say it gives cabinetry a paint-like finish.

  • We call this finish Tinted Varnish because while this finish looks like paint, it is much more durable than paint.
  • Throughout the country, this type of finish is also called “enamel” or “opaque”.
  • Tinted Varnish is available on Maple and Oak cabinetry, and each wood yields a different look. 
    • The grain of Maple wood is concealed by Tinted Varnish
    • The grain of Oak shows through Tinted Varnish.
StarMark Cabinetry offers several Tinted Varnish colors. We show just a few here, on both Maple and Oak.
​White on Maple White on Oak​
​Peppercorn on Maple ​Peppercorn on Oak
​Black on Maple ​Black on Oak