To add new cabinets to an existing kitchen

A StarMark Cabinetry dealer will be happy to help you match new cabinets to an existing kitchen. It is important to have accurate measurements and quality installation, which is why we don't sell direct to homeowners.

  • Locate a dealer.
  • Call us at 800-594-9444 and we'll help you locate a dealer near you.
  • Email us and we’ll help you locate a dealer.

This label identifies your cabinetry. 
This label identifies your cabinetry. 

How to find the color and wood type of existing StarMark Cabinetry:

  • Remove a drawer.
  • The order number is on a label on the back of the drawer. The label will be one of two types, depending on the age of the cabinet. An example of both labels is shown above. The order number is circled. In these examples, the order number is 111111.
  • Let us know the order number and we can look up the door style, wood type and color. If the order is from the year 2000 or later, we should be able to locate your original order information.
  • Email us and we'll identify the color and wood type.
  • Or call StarMark Cabinetry at 800-755-7789.