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Amaretto and Bordeaux start with Black tinted varnish that is given rounded and worn corners. Additional worn areas on center panels expose golden butterscotch tones on the Amaretto finish and beautiful burgundy tones on the Bordeaux.
specialty colors
Licorice is Black tinted varnish. The finish is rubbed to expose worn edges and rounded corners, then Nickel glaze is applied to accent the wood and door profiles. The Licorice finish includes light chain distressing.
Licorice on Maple Licorice on Oak
StarMark Cabinetry’s beautiful Linen finishes on Maple feature Latté glazing and speckling for a softer tone, and rounded corners for an heirloom feel. Available in three distinct yet related colors—Linen White, Linen Ivory and Linen Mushroom.
Linen White
The Villa finish for Maple results in a look that suggests brush strokes along all finished surfaces. Variation of color and finish will blend throughout the cabinetry.
Villa Black
Villa Green
Villa Ivory
Villa Marshmallow
Villa Mushroom
Villa Pearl
Oatmeal is a warm Maple finish achieved by hand-applying Champagne stain with Chocolate glaze. It’s accented with worn edges, rounded corners and light chain distressing.
Linen Ivory
Linen Mushroom

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