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StarMark Cabinetry offers Rustic Alder, Rustic Cherry and Rustic Hickory. With Rustic wood types, wide color variation may occur, and sapwood will be more prominent. There will be “character” spots (knot, burl, blemish, etc.) on the center panels. They may also be on the stiles and rails of the door, and on the drawer front, which could impact hardware placement. Knots, if they appear, will be sound and will be closed. At certain angles, light could be visible through the knots.
We can create cabinetry that matches any paint swatch. Bring the swatch to your StarMark Cabinetry dealer—that’s all it takes to start your custom Tinted Varnish project.
If your heart’s desire is a color you spied in a magazine
or in a fabric, or you have furniture you want to match or complement, talk to your StarMark Cabinetry dealer about preparing a sample of wood that will guide us in creating a stain for your cabinetry. A custom stain takes more legwork (from both you and us) than a custom paint, but we’ll put our heart into it. With good direction from you and our experience creating custom stains, the legwork will result in a beautiful finish you’ll be proud to have in your home.
We can custom distress your custom color! Select the characteristics that you like and we will artfully apply them.
Chiseling (as seen in Homestead) | Dips | Knife cuts
Light chain distressing | Padding (as seen in Chateaux) Rasping | Rounded corners | Rub through on  at surfaces Spattering | Speckling (dark brown, as seen in Chateaux, and light brown, as seen in Linen) | Worm holes
Worn edges on center panel
rustic woods
custom colors and distressing

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